Our hygiene certificates and the hygiene practices, being implemented by us within the organization of our enterprise due to the Covid-19, are accessible through here.


Enjoy a more energetic holiday experience with creative sports facilities in our gyms.

Teen Club

The Teen Club, a special area for young guests, pushes the limits of fun with various activities such as table tennis, darts, salon games and foam parties.
The aerobics and yoga area has been renovated.


A unique yoga experience awaits: push the limits of your body within Arum Barut Collection's peaceful areas.


Billiard matches promise delightful competition with your loved ones or other guests, adding a continuous excitement to your holiday. *Paid


You don’t need to take a break from your training, at Arum Barut Collection. Competitive matches await you at the international court. Lighting and tennis court supplies are subject to a charge.

Aqua Bike

With Aqua Cycling, an exceptional sports experience, you can improve your muscles and body by performing sports in the pool. Join this revolutionary new sport trend.

Aqua Gym

At the Aqua Gym - one of the most unique features of Arum Barut Collection - feel the healing and relaxing effect of water while exercising in the pool.

Mini Golf

An unforgettable experience awaits you in the mini-golf area, where you can have fun and quality time. Experience moments that you will remember with a sweet smile in the mini-golf area, where you will have lively contests with your loved ones.


While enjoying the calm and tranquillity of the Mediterranean, you can participate in chess tournaments, winning exciting matches to reward your success in the game.

Kids Playground

Arum Barut Collection, a child-friendly hotel, promises endless activities and fun for all children throughout their holiday. Children enjoy privileges in a special area designated just for them.
Our waterslide pool has been renewed. The number of slides has been increased.

Water Slides

With two different water slides in the fun world of Arum Barut Collection, guests experience a different type of thrill. The fun never stops on water slides, where you will have delightful times.

Step Aerobics

For guests who seek to increase their flexibility and participate in a wide range of activities, an energetic holiday with fun alternatives awaits you at Arum Barut Collection.

Beach Volleyball

Beach volleyball on the shore of the Mediterranean offers a lively event where you will meet and compete with new friends. Set up your team and have an entertaining experience accompanied by the fascinating view of the Mediterranean Sea.


In Barut Hemera, where you can enjoy every moment of the day during your holiday, you can enjoy hitting the bull's-eye.

Table Tennis

Pleasant times and entertaining competitions add movement to your holiday with your loved ones. Table tennis events at Arum Barut Collection await you.


A delightful game originating in Italy, boccia offers a lively new experience amid the intriguing nature of Arum Barut Collection.


Darts tournaments, just one of the entertaining activities you can enjoy throughout your holiday, lead to lots of fun and lively competitions.


You can play basketball with your loved ones at Arum Barut Collection, offering energetic alternatives for guests who want to add movement to their holiday.
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